Coding and Decoding Objective Question Reasoning Ability

By | July 22, 2018

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Coding is a secretive language which is used to change the representation of the actual term / word/ value.

  • 1. If MUSK is coded as 146816, then ZERO will be coded is :
  • 2. If BAD is coded as 7, HIS as 9, LOW will be coded as :
  • 3. If CRUDE is written as BSTED, then MOIST will be coded as :
  • 4. In a certain code ALPACA is written as ACAPLA. How will ANIMAL be written in that code :
  • 5. In a certain code FINGER is written as DGLECP. what will be the code for KIDNEY :
  • 6. In a certain code QUESTION is written as NXBVQLLQ. How will REPLY be coded :
  • 7. If in a certain code SKEW is coded as PNCY, then what will JXQV will stand for :
  • 8. If MOTHERLAND is coded as 9501623748, how will DREAM be coded :
  • 9. If FINANCE is coded as GKQESIL, then how will BANK be coded in the same manner :
  • 10. PLANNING is coded in a certain language as fUFFHSCSA. How will AUTHORITY be coded in the same language :

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