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IA Rajsthan GK Important Notes Set | REET GK Online Questions Answer, PDF Download

Rajasthan GK, IA, REET, Patwari, RAS Examination Important Notes Pdf File Downloads

Rajasthan GK PDF Download

Rajasthan GK Important Notes 2


Computer Programming Objective Questions Sets, C, C++, Java

Computer Programming Language Questions Set, Important Multiple Choice questions, mcq Quiz,

  • 1. A register is a binary function, which holds the
  • 2. A register consists of a group of binary
  • 3. Which of the following is a storage class specification of C?
  • 4. the most common use of one-dimesnsional array in C is
  • 5. Main () is an example of
  • 6. A variable can be declared static using the keyword
  • 7. A variable that holds the memory address of another objects is called
  • 8. A computer system having 64k memory will have its last address as
  • 9. A C function contains
  • 10. C provides loop constructs for performing loop operations. They are

Computer System Context free Grammars Objective Questions Sets

Computer System regular languages and context-free languages multiple choice questions, online test sets

  • 1. A set with one or more binary operations is called an
  • 2. Which feature we do not normally associate with real computer
  • 3. Some context-free languages are not regular but all regular languages are
  • 4. The con text free language are closed under
  • 5. The context free language are closed under intersection with
  • 6. The intersection of context-free language with a regular language is a
  • 7. A bipartite graph is a
  • 8. Every binary tree is a tree, not every tree is a
  • 9. A tree is a connected acyclic
  • 10. A tree is a connected graph with