Questionsfree- IA Computer Questions Online Model Test Papers Set 12

By | July 20, 2018

Computer Question for IBPS,Gate, NET,SET, Banks, Clerk, PO, LDC, RPSC, UPSC, SSC, Sate Level examination, Computer Online Model Test Papers Set Download

  • 1. Digital photographs are composed of
  • 2. A new class of displays based on flat panel technology is called
  • 3. A technique in which transaction are collected into groups is called
  • 4. A usually has one or more buttons or other mechanisms to indicate the action to take once the pointer has been positioned in the desired location
  • 5. Involves using a machine to read characters made of magnetized particles
  • 6. Which of the following is a benefit of secondary storage
  • 7. Redundant array of independent disks
  • 8. These devices store data using laser beam technology
  • 9. A transaction is processed fast enough for the resutls to come back and be acted upon right aeay
  • 10. Optical Mark recognition is sometimes called

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