RPSC Computer Engineering Exam Data Structure & Algorithm Notes, Online Test Papers, Notes

By | July 19, 2018

RPSC Computer Engineering  Exam Data Structure and Algorithms Notes, Online Test Papers, MCQ Quiz, practice sets, Important notes, model test papers, computer organizations, database, operating system, e -commerce, computer networks, & security, software engineering, object oriented programming, computer graphics, multimedia, embedded system, data mining and warehousing, numerical methods notes download

  • 1. A Technique for direct search is
  • 2. B Trees Are Generally
  • 3. The Searching Technique that takes O (1) Time to fines a data is
  • 4. A full binary tree with n leaves contains
  • 5. The Smallest element of an array's index is called is
  • 6. Which of the following sorting algorithms does not have a worst case running time of 2 O n
  • 7. The maximum degree of any vertex in a simple graph with n vertices is
  • 8. The data structure required for Breath First Traversal on a graph is
  • 9. The Quick sort alogrithm exploit ........... design technique
  • 10. The number of diffrent directed trees with 3 nodes are

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